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Daniel Choquet

Dr Daniel Choquet

  • Directeur de recherche au CNRS
  • Directeur de l'Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neuroscience, UMR 5297 CNRS - Université Bordeaux Segalen
  • Directeur du Bordeaux Imaging Center, UMS 3420 CNRS - INSERM - Université Bordeaux Segalen

Curriculum vitae

Date de naissance : 23 Avril 1962

Diplôme : Ingénieur de l'École Centrale des arts et manufacture de Paris


daniel.choquet @

Téléphone principal :
+33 5 57 57 40 90

Lien web :

Adresse :
UMR 5297 Institut F. Magendie
146 rue Léo Saignat



Thèmes de recherche

Daniel Choquet obtained an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale (Paris, France) in 1984. He then got attracted to neuroscience (Master’s degree Paris VI) and completed his Ph.D. in the lab of Henri Korn at the Pasteur Institute (Paris), studying ion channels in lymphocytes. He got appointed tenure Research officer at the CNRS in 1988 in the group of H. Korn. He then performed a post­doctoral/sabbatical at the Duke University (North Carolina, USA) in the laboratory of Michael Sheetz where he studied the regulation of integrin-cytoskeletal linkage by force, and demonstrated that cells can sense and respond to extracellular traction. He then setup his group in Bordeaux (France) at the Institute for Neuroscience where he got a directorship position at the CNRS. He launched an interdisciplinary program on the use of high resolution imaging to study the trafficking of neurotransmitter receptors in neural cells. He is now heading the project of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience and the Bordeaux Imaging Center core facility. He develops several research topics, combining neuroscience, physics and chemistry in order to unravel the dynamics of multimolecular complexes and their role in synaptic transmission. He has recently uncovered a new role for the mobility of glutamate receptors in synaptic transmission.

He has been the recipient of several awards including the 1990 Bronze medal from the CNRS, the Research prize from the Fondation pour la Recherche Mdicale, 1997, the Grand Prix from the French Academy of Sciences, prix du CEA and the 2009  Silver medal from the CNRS. He is a Member of the Institut de France, the French Science Academy since November 2010.

The leitmotif of his research has always been to build bridges between disciplines in order to explore new scientific territories.


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