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Laboratoire de Microbiologie Fondamentale et Pathogénicité

The objective of MFP is the understanding of host pathogen interactions linked to replication and disease development. Following the successful use of pathogens in deciphering essential cellular processes, the research further helps to understand the molecular background of fundamental cellular mechanisms.


MFP is a new CNRS and University-funded research unit with approx. 80 staff members including 33 academic researchers. MFP is composed of five research groups and one platform for protein expression and purification. The groups are arranged on two branches: virology/bacteriology and parasitology/mycology. Their research is focused on basic research of different important pathogens, principally investigating the molecular mechanisms to understand disease development. The investigations thus include – to some extent – inhibitor function and resistance development. The organization of the groups was chosen not to follow the “classical” borders along different pathogens but is focussed on similar mechanisms.

The virology/bacteriology branch comprises three groups working on:

  • mobile elements including HIV and horizontal transfer of genetic material responsible for bacterial resistance to antibiotics but also on HIV polymorphisms and their impact on pathogeneses and the emergence of antiviral resistance. Further the impact of host interactions with the replication cycles of HIV and herpatitis C virus (HCV) are investigated.
  • The second group works on intracellular dynamics of subviral structures – in particular hepatitis B virus (HBV), parvo and adenoviruses.

The parasitology/mycology branch comprises three groups investigating:

  • the cytoskeleton and biogenesis of flagella in Trypanosomes,
  • virulence factors of African Trypanosomes, and
  • the intracellular interactions between Candida and phagocytotic cells.

The recently established platform of the unit is focussed on protein expression and purification, which is mandatory in all research projects of the unit. The unit further runs a BSL 3 laboratory, essential for working on HIV and HCV. Microscopical techniques as for instance confocal laser scan microscopy, FLIM, FRET and STED microscopy, which are important read-outs in our research, are done on central platforms (Structure Féderative de Recherche [SFR] TransBioMed, Bordeaux Imaging Center [BIC]) and electron and immune-electron microscopy.

The applied research led recently to the creation of a university-based spin-off company (“cellule de transfer”), which is focussed on microbial analysis (Aquitec-Microbiologie).

The diagnostic service in Virology of the Bordeaux University hospital is run by the medical members of the unit. The service is one of the very few WHO-accredited laboratories for HIV resistance.

Informations complémentaires

The researchers and teachers of the unit teach the entire Virology of the University of Bordeaux in Life Science, Medicine and Pharmacy, irrespectively to the level (Bachelor, Master). Furthermore, most of the teaching in Parasitology is held by members of the unit. In addition, some members of MFP participate in teaching in the Ph.D. program of Chilean universities.


Consulter les fiches des enseignants-chercheurs de l'équipe:

Michaël Kann
Mélanie Bonhivers
Virginie Coustou-Linares
Vincent Parissi
Harald Wodrich
Christian Cazenave
Hervé Fleury
Marie-Edith Lafon
Théo Baltz
Jean-Pierre Benedetto
Marie-Aline Andreola
Alejandro Araya
Michel Castroviejo
Corinne Arpin
Claudine Quentin-Noury
Thérèse Astier-Gin
Derrick Robinson
Denis Dacheux
Véronique Dubois
Thierry Noel
Isabelle Garrigue
Isabelle Accoberry
Sébastien Laine
Karine  Dementhon
Michel Ventura
Françoise Tessier
Jean-Luc Brun
Fabienne Rayne
Somar Kassab
Laurent Malator
Valérie Llavador
Michel Dupon
Jean-François Velly
Jean-Marie Ragnaud
Patricia Robert-Laquel
Loïc Rivière


Michaël KANN


Tél. 05 57 57 17 63
Fax. 05 57 57 17 66

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Adresse : Laboratoire MFP UMR-CNRS 5234 Bat 3A 3ème étage 146 rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux cedex

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